Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited on the drive developing digital maps of Transmission and Distribution systems

SNGPL has laid 42.31 KMs Transmission Lines recently. In addition to Transmission Lines, 195.131 KMs of Distribution mains were laid during the third quarter, which ended on March 31, 2023, to improve pressure and supply gas to new towns, which has enhanced customer satisfaction levels. The company is working on developing digital maps of Transmission and Distribution systems through the utilization of Geographic Information System (GIS) technology. GIS maps are helping the management and users to visualize the pipeline network and customers related information through interactive Web-Apps and GIS Dashboards. So far, the whole Transmission pipeline network, all customer locations, customer complaints, leakage detection points, and TBS service area boundaries are mapped and available through the GIS portal across the Company. Further, a state-of-the-art GIS Lab has also been established by the P&D Department to carry out all GIS-related development and implementation activities.

The distribution pipeline network’s digital mapping project is in full swing, and 80% of the work of Phase 1A (4″–24″ dia pipelines) has been completed to date. The digitized pipeline network is being subsequently handed over to the respective regions.


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