Standard Chartered Bank donates PKR19.7 million to charities in Pakistan as part of its COVID-19 assistance fund

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  • Indus Hospital been donated an amount of PKR10.2 million for 6 Modular Units and PKR3 million for more than 500 Covid 19 tests
  • The Orange Tree Foundation has been donated an amount of PKR4.3 million for more than 850 Rations
  • Patients Aid Foundation has been donated an amount of PKR2.2 million for more than 4500 PPEs

Standard Chartered Pakistan has today announced further details on how the Bank is providing short-term relief to communities who have been impacted through COVID-19. The Bank is providing PKR19.7Mn to support communities in need. The Bank will be enabling the set-up of modular HDU units and free testing as well as providing rations to underserved communities and PPEs to our doctors and nurses.

This is in addition to the earlier commitment announced by the Bank of USD1 million to Red Cross and UNICEF programmes that are providing emergency relief to communities impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Support to Indus Hospital

The Bank has donated PKR 10.2Mn for the purchase and implementation of 6 Modular HDU Units. With a rise in the number COVID-19 cases, the province of Sindh is facing a shortage of medically equipped units. All hospitals are running at almost full capacity, hospital rejection rates are rising and as the contagion continues to multiply. To support hospitals with capacity, HDU units contain 24 negative pressure air-conditioned modules. The Bank is providing six HDU units which include, generators, medical grade beds, a negative pressure regime, constant air circulation, oxygen supply manifolds, electricity, ante-room for doctors and restroom units.

In addition, the Bank has also given PKR 3Mn to support free Covid 19 testing of 500 people.

Support to the Orange Tree Foundation

The Bank has donated PKR 4.3Mn to enable the Orange Tree Foundation to distribute more than 850 Rations to the underprivileged areas.

The rations will be distributed to underserved communities which the bank supports through its community programmes Goal and the Standard Chartered Karachi United Community Football league. 50 rations will be distributed to Goal coaches and more than 800 rations will be given to the Coaches of Karachi United Football Club.

Support to the Patients Aid Foundation

The Bank has donated PKR 2.2Mn which will be used to purchase more than 4500 Personal Protective Equipments (PPEs). These will be used by doctors and Paramedics of Jinnah Post Graduate Medical Centre.

Mr. Shazad Dada, Chief Executive Officer, Standard Chartered, Pakistan, said: “Standard Chartered Pakistan is proud to be able to contribute to these organisations that reach the most vulnerable people of our communities. By working with these organisations, we are able to support the delivery of rapid and effective emergency relief that aims to address some of the key challenges created by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our focus is to provide rapid and effective emergency relief to those who are in need and support economic recovery and the protection of livelihoods during the coronavirus pandemic in the communities within which we operate. The resilience of Standard Chartered’s business means we are well positioned to provide financial aid to local charities in need as we strive to continue to live our ‘Here for good’ values, supporting the communities around us, for now and the future.”

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