SSGC unearths more gas theft cases in Karachi and Upper Sindh

SSGC’s zero tolerance towards gas theft has continued with persistent anti-gas theft raids across its Sindh and Balochistan franchise areas. In areas including Yousuf Sahib Khan Goth, Ghareeb Nawaz Colony, Maymar Hijri, SSGC’s Customer Relations Department (CRD) discovered rubber pipes used illegally to supply gas to 150 houses. The approximate volume of theft calculated was 144,000 cm per year (Rs. 4,500,000/- in monetary terms). The team disconnected illegal connections and two service risers during the raid. In Quetta town, Karachi, CRD discovered blatant theft via rubber pipes for providing gas illegally to 42 residents. The raiding team dismantled the connections in a swift operation. The approximate volume of theft calculated was 40,320 cm per year (Rs. 1,260,000/- in monetary terms). The area has since been under strict supervision to keep gas theft miscreants at bay.

Meanwhile, gas theft was discovered in blocks 3 to 5 in Nazimabad, Karachi, where residents had extended illegal gas supply arrangements through rubber pipes to benefit 65 users. All connections were dismantled during the raid. The area’s approximate theft volume was 62,400 cm per year (Rs. 1,950,000/-). In another Karachi area, residents had extended illegal gas set-up through rubber pipes to connect 50 houses. The approximate theft volume was calculated to be 48,000 cm per year (Rs. 1,500,000/-). CRD took another raid in Chapel Garden apartments in Karachi’s Central Zone, where gas was illegally supplied to 20 residents through rubber pipes. The raiding party dismantled illegal connections. The approximate volume calculated was 19,200 cm per year (Rs. 60,000/- in monetary terms).

Hyderabad Region: A significant raid was carried out by the Distribution Zonal team in the Hyderabad region on the basis of the complaint lodged by a resident in SSGC’s physical kachori (open forum) about low gas pressure and gas theft in various locations, including village Karan Khan Shoro and Qasimabad. Excavation was conducted whereby 6 underground theft clamps were installed on 63 mm dia. feeder main, supplying gas to 6 houses. Theft clamps were promptly removed during the raid.

Meanwhile, another raid in Sukkur unravelled gas theft being carried out through underground clamps for providing gas to 7 houses at Burma Shell Depo and 5 houses in Mir Khan Shahani Ranipur village in Sukkur. Clamps were removed and the raiding teams promptly dismantled connections. Following a scheduled leak survey at Budho Palari, Qasimabad, heavy leak spots were identified, upon which excavation was carried out, two underground theft clamps were exposed and installed on a 4′ dia. gas pipeline supplying gas to three houses. Theft clamps were removed, and maintenance work was done.

Larkana Region: In Larkana region’s Jacobabad area, at least four houses had their connections dismantled due to theft through rubber pipes.


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