SSGC takes strict action against gas thieves

Sui Southern Gas Company has been waging a war against the menace of gas theft ever since the inception of it’s Counter Gas Theft Operations (CGTO) Department. CGTO team along with Customer Relationship Department (CRD) and Distribution teams have pulled out all stops in carrying out raids against gas thieves and apprehend those involved in this heinous crime.

Recently, in Karachi region, CRD team reported that residents of house # 344, situated at Usmania Colony, Nazimabad were stealing gas from rubber pipes that were connected to the Company’s main distribution pipeline. 141 domestic connections that were illegally connected form this house were disconnected on the spot for which annual theft claim is being raised against the culprits for illegal use of 135,360 Cubic meter of gas per year.

In another raid on house # C10, Rizvia Society, Nazimabad, Karachi, CRD survey team found 92 houses were illegally connected through rubber pipes and stealing gas for which annual theft claim is being raised against the culprits for illegal use of 88,320 Cubic meter per year.

In Musharraf Colony, Baldia Zone, Karachi, 500 domestic connections were disconnected after identifying those involved in gas theft through illegal rubber pipes extensions. This theft resulted in loss of nearly 480,000 cubic meter gas per year for which annual theft claim is being raised.

SS&CGTO Operation along with SSGC Police and Recovery Department conducted a joint raid in Baba Sweets and Nimco Corner at Bihar Colony, Lyari, Karachi. The culprit was using gas directly through service line. Total connecting load was 790 cubic feet per hour. The illegal connection was cut on the spot and FIR has been registered against Muhammad Nawaz son of Riaz and Muhammad Faheem son of Naeem. Claims are being raised accordingly. In Shah Latif Town Larkana Region, a total of 13 domestic disconnections were also removed.

Gas Theft is a serious crime against the community and this evil needs to be eliminated from the society. SSGC believes in zero tolerance against all involved in gas theft and will not stop until gas theft becomes a thing of the past.


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