SSGC removes another 163 illegal gas connections

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 SSGC continued to tighten its grip on the gas thieves involved in the direct pilferage by removing illegal connections and fake meters especially in the residential and commercial areas.

In Karachi, SSGC’s Theft Control Team identified around 100 residents of North Karachi, Korangi and Liaquatabad involved in using gas through illegal extensions for which raids were conducted and fake meters and underground and overhead illegal connections were dismantled.

In Quetta, a total of 32 disconnections were made, with a total of 26 service valves and meters including 06 direct usage were disconnected across Subhan Avenue, Garden Housing Scheme and Chashma Achakzai Road and other areas of the city. Whereas in Saryaab Zone, 15 illegal residential connections were removed.

In Larkana region, multiple raids were carried out in Shikarpur, Kamber, Jacobabad zones where a total of 18 disconnections were made, whereas 12 disconnections were made in Nawabshah zone. These houses were involved in underground and overhead gas theft, where all rubber pipes and clamps used for illegally accessing gas from the Company’s mains service line were removed and appropriate claims are being raised against them.

Security Services and Counter Gas Theft Operations Department, SSGC police and Recovery Department conducted a raid at Shah Jee Biryani Square in Napier Road, Karachi. The team found a culprit using gas directly via a fake meter with a connecting load of 360 cubic feet per hour. FIR has been registered against Abdul Wahid and appropriate claims are being raised against him.

It should be noted that gas theft is a menace that hurts not only the ones involved in it, but also their neighbours and the overall society. SSGC will continue its efforts to curb the menace of gas theft, one of the primary reasons behind Unaccounted-for-Gas (UFG) or line losses and urges all who may be aware of gas theft in their colonies to come forward and report such incidences to SSGC.



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