SSGC raided residential areas and commercial customers for direct gas theft.

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SSGC’s Security Services and Counter Gas Theft Operations (SS&CGTO) Wing and SSGC Police and Recovery Department conducted a joint raid on Al-Habib Sweets and Bakers in Nazimabad, Karachi. The culprit was found using gas directly through a service line. The total calculated connecting load of gas stolen was 260 cubic feet/hr. SSGC Police summarily lodged an FIR against the bakery miscreant who was involved in the theft. The appropriate claim is being raised accordingly.

During the scheduled leak survey in Hyderabad, leak points were identified at the old Wahdat Colony near Barkati Masjid Qasimabad. Upon excavation, nine theft clamps were found installed on a 63 mm diameter pipe supplying gas to 25 houses. The riding team consequently removed the direct theft clamps and replaced the 63 mm diameter pipe.

An anti-gas theft crackdown by SSGC’s Customer Relations Department (CRD) in Yaqoob Shah Basti in Karachi’s Mangophir area unravelled volumes of gas being stolen through the direct line with complete disregard for the law. The raiding team found residents extending illegal gas connections through rubber pipes from 15 fake service connections to supply gas to 130 houses. In addition, 20 houses were caught stealing gas through 4 meters. The team summarily disconnected the gas from 130 houses, killed 15 service connections and disconnected 4 meters supplying illegal gas to 16 homes.

Approximately 124,800 cm per year of gas was stolen through these illegal arrangements, which amounted to Rs. 3,900,000/-. A claim of Rs. 480,000/—has been raised against 4 meters for supplying gas illegally to 16 houses. Strict area monitoring has been initiated to keep gas thieves at bay.


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