SMAP-TDAP collaboration elevates salt exports on global E-Commerce

The collaborative efforts of the Salt Manufacturers Association of Pakistan (SMAP) and the Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP) have resulted in a ground-breaking opportunity for emerging Pakistani salt exporters. The seminar at the FTC Building signifies a historic moment, showcasing the strategic alliance’s success in expanding the global visibility of Pakistan’s salt industry.

This strategic partnership aims to empower budding exporters by leveraging the vast reach and consumer base of leading e-commerce platforms, including Amazon and Daraz. Qasim Yaqoob Paracha, President of the Salt Manufacturers Association of Pakistan (SMAP), affirms, “This collaboration creates unprecedented opportunities for our salt exporters to engage with a global audience, marking a transformative phase for our industry.”

Esteemed members, both seasoned and new, have demonstrated profound engagement in this seminar. Notable Figures, including Naeem Manzoor and Adil Mukhtar from TDAP, have actively participated, joined by representatives from diverse sectors who have displayed enthusiasm for the event.

These globally recognised online marketplaces provide an exclusive avenue for Pakistani salt exporters to engage with international buyers, amplifying their global market presence.

Salt exporters have manifold advantages. Integration with these e-commerce platforms offers entry to a worldwide audience, facilitating the promotion and sale of their products on an international platform. The streamlined process of online transactions and secure payment gateways ensures a seamless experience, fostering trust and credibility for both exporters and buyers.

Furthermore, the collaboration with Amazon and Daraz levels the playing field for new exporters, enabling them to compete with established players in the global market. The platforms provide robust marketing and promotional tools, assisting exporters in showcasing the distinctive qualities of Pakistani salt, emphasising its purity and superior quality.

A key focus during the seminar was the consequential impact on salt exporters and, consequently, the overall economic benefit for Pakistan. Listing Pakistani salt products on these prominent e-commerce platforms promises substantial economic gains through increased export revenue, foreign exchange earnings, and enhanced promotion of the country’s image as a reliable and high-quality salt producer.

The success of Pakistani salt exporters on Amazon and Daraz was poised to catalyse the growth of individual businesses and play a pivotal role in fortifying the country’s export sector. This collaboration aligns with the government’s strategic vision for economic development and export diversification, further solidifying Pakistan’s standing as a formidable player in the global market.

In conclusion, the Seminar between SMAP and TDAP, as emphasised by Qasim Yaqoob Paracha, President of SMAP, laid the groundwork for a transformative journey for salt exporters in Pakistan. “The opportunity to showcase products on renowned e-commerce platforms is a game-changer for the industry,” states Yaqoob, “and the ensuing benefits are poised to contribute significantly to the nation’s economic prosperity.”



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