Sindh Excise & Taxation dept to set up helpdesk for SITE Industrialists

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Secretary, Excise, Taxation and Narcotics Department, Govt. of Sindh Atif Rehman has announced to set up a Helpdesk at SITE Association of Industry to facilitate member industries in the matters of Property Tax, Professional Tax and Motor Vehicles Tax by deputing well reputed and high ranking officers.

He was addressing members of the Association on the occasion of his visit. He was accompanied by DG Excise & Taxation Orangzeb Akbar Panhwar and other high officials of his department.

Atif Rehman said that last year, property tax has been transferred to Local Govt. The department and our staff will guide and train them till 2024. The Excise & Taxation Department is only a collecting agency which transfers all revenue to the Sindh Govt. account.

Responding to a query about calculation of Property Tax, DG replied that property tax calculator is available online on the website. He agreed with members’ suggestion that minimizing human interaction in this matter will yield better results. President SITE Association of Industry was of the view that SITE Ltd being the owner of SITE Area does not get its due share from Property Tax to carry out necessary maintenance and upkeep, and requested the same to be taken up by the Secretary at relevant forums.

On the matter of Infrastructure Cess, he mentioned that approx. Rs 30 billion have been collected in the First Quarter alone (July-Sept 2023) in the account of Sindh Infrastructure Development Cess upon which, SITE President emphasized the need to spend some money on the improvement of infrastructure of SITE area.

Earlier, SITE President Muhammad Kamran Arbi presented a brief introduction of SITE area Karachi and highlighted its contribution to the national economy. He briefed the Chief Guest on the issues being faced by members of the Association related to Property Tax payments, Professional Tax payments and Motor Vehicle Tax etc. He appreciated online availability of Property Tax challans and stressed the need to remove technical issues in the online system. Further he stressed on the need for removal of human interaction to make tax collection transparent.

President Muhammad Kamran Arbi drew the attention of Secretary Excise & Taxation towards the mushrooming growth of drug-addicts at various locations in SITE area Karachi. Not only do they need to be cleared out, but their suppliers and dealers also need to be cleared out. To which the Secretary assured to take necessary action for their removal and to deter them from returning.

Former President Jawed Bilwani, while speaking on the occasion, mentioned that Property Tax is paid by Tenants of SITE Limited (Industries) whereas as a matter of principle, the owner (SITE Limited) should pay the same which also collects Development Charges and other fees from the industries. He stressed the need to create awareness among members of the Association about the E&T department related matters and suggested holding an Awareness Session. Further, he requested the Chief Guest to second submissions of the Association in the matter of Property Tax, and Infrastructure Cess and remarked that Professional Tax and Trade License are examples of double taxation which must be looked into.


Vice President Muhammad Farhan Ashrafi on this occasion, stressed the need of putting a system of automated reminders for the payment of different taxes in place.


Former President Abdul Hadi said that due to unfavourable business conditions, large industrial units are fast converting into small units and warehouses which is adding to the joblessness in the country, ultimately resulting in criminal activities.


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