Shan Shares launches innovative Snapchat filter to help combat hunger

Shan Shares, the corporate entity of Shan Foods, extending its partnership with Saylani Welfare International Trust in a bid to combat world hunger, has launched a Snapchat filter that lets users help feed less privileged individuals.

Shan Shares is the CSR identity of Shan Foods that personifies the brand’s corporate citizenship and is rooted in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Zero hunger, SDG # 2, is one of the main pillars of its objectives. Through this latest initiative, Shan Shares and Saylani Welfare International Trust have made it simple for people to support one another and contribute to ending world hunger using the Snapchat filter. Users can open Snapchat, take a photo with the Shan Shares filter, and share it. For each snap of a meal taken using the Shan Shares lens, Shan Shares will share food with one person through Saylani Welfare Trust.

The partnership between Shan Shares and Saylani Welfare Trust was forged earlier last year, under which, thousands of people have been provided with meals through food trucks and free meal setups, to date. Taking it a step further with the release of the innovative Snapchat filter, Shan Shares aims to give back to the society and support fellow citizens of the country during the ongoing difficult economic situation while also fostering the sentiment of sharing among people.

This is in line with the mutual mission of Shan Shares and Saylani Welfare International Trust which is committed to making life better for individuals in Pakistan and creating a better, more nourished planet.

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