Shan Foods collaborates with the Textile Institute of Pakistan to provide skill-based education.

Shan Foods, one of the leading food companies in Pakistan, has taken a strong step towards educating the youth by joining hands with the Textile Institute of Pakistan (TIP). This is the second time the company has taken this initiative to grant scholarships for financially struggling students.

In addition to being one of Pakistan’s top institutions of Art & Design, TIP is a non-profit organisation that strives to provide students access to skilled and non-skilled education to become well-rounded and successful citizens. Students who apply to the Textile Institute of Pakistan, clear their exams, and demonstrate promise but cannot continue due to financial restraints are provided scholarships to pursue a career through both professional and industrial-related knowledge, which help them land successful jobs after they have graduated from the institution.

In these dire and uncertain times where the cost of living is increasing day by day and jobs are sparsely available, now more than ever before, this initiative taken by Shan Foods and TIP will bring hope and help to many citizens. Shan Foods has always worked for the betterment of society, the well-being, and the education of the nation, and they will continue to do so in the future by expanding their domain and resources.

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