Seminar held at Iqra University North Campus on “Mental Health Week”

Mental health is an important aspect of overall well-being and often requires a combination of interventions for effective treatment. These mental health conditions are usually treated with different medications. These views were expressed by a renowned psychiatrist and professor at Jinnah Sindh Medical University, Dr. Mohammad Iqbal Afridi, during the “Mental Health Week” seminar held at Iqra University North Campus, highlighting the significant roles of pharmacological and psychological management in overcoming mental stress. He emphasised the need to tailor medications according to each patient’s unique needs, considering their specific mental health condition, severity of symptoms, medical history, and response to treatment. Understanding the fundamentals of medications for mental health is crucial for patients, their families, and mental health professionals involved in their care.

We can make informed decisions and work together to achieve the best treatment outcomes by gaining knowledge about these medications and their effects. Dr. Salima Tejani Head of the Department of Psychology, stated that events like these, which provide counseling, therapy, and pharmacology education in educational institutions, empower students to manage mental stress, promote well-being, and help others improve their mental health. The seminar also included presentations on projects related to the pharmacological management of psychological illnesses and techniques to improve students’ cures and Mental Health.

At the end of the event, The Campus Director Prof. Dr. Syed Ali Raza, presented a Commemorative shield to Professor Dr. Mohammad Iqbal Afridi. Dr. Mohammad Masroor, Dr. Salima Tejani, and other participants were present at the occasion.


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