SEED Ventures launches “What’s the Alternative”: Inspiring Greener Lifestyles

SEED Ventures is pleased to announce the launch of “What’s the Alternative” (WTA), an online platform that empowers individuals to embrace greener living for a better planet and improved well-being. The platform, now live at, seeks to promote sustainability; with regards to our individual and collective choices and the impact they have on the environment, our wellbeing and lifestyles.

“What’s the Alternative” is an initiative by SEED Ventures aiming to question, raise awareness, spark debate and provide practical solutions to foster sustainability by focusing on the need for alternatives to harmful practices across three core areas of our lives that are indelibly linked to sustainability: the environment, wellness, and lifestyle.

The platform focuses on raising awareness about pressing environmental issues and raises questions on steps we can take in our individual and collective lives to mitigate climate change, reduce waste, conserve resources, and safeguard biodiversity. The platform also acknowledges that well-being encompasses physical health, mental equilibrium, and emotional harmony, and invites individuals to explore alternative approaches to self-care, providing insights and resources on mindfulness techniques, natural remedies, and holistic practices, while also encouraging people to make sustainable choices in daily life: from eco-friendly fashion to responsible travel and ethical consumption, WTA offers ideas and inspiration to embrace sustainable alternatives.

Ms. Shaista Ayesha, CEO of SEED Ventures, emphasizes the urgency of incorporating sustainability into our goals: “Current times require that we as citizens, consumers, and community members incorporate sustainability as an integral part of our long-term and short-term goals. This is no longer a choice – it is a necessity.”

With “What’s the Alternative,” SEED Ventures aims to collaborate with businesses and individuals, fostering dialogue around green living. The platform encourages questioning norms and exploring innovative approaches


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