Schneider Electric and Energy Research Centre COMSATS University signs LoI to drive microgrid solutions in Pakistan

Schneider Electric, the leader in digital transformation of energy management and automation, and Pakistan’s leading Centre for energy research and development Energy Research Centre (ERC) COMSATS University, signed a Letter of Intent (LoI) to optimize energy performance, reduce consumption, and train young energy specialists to accelerate sustainable energy transition under “Access to Energy Program” in Pakistan.

At Schneider Electric we are leading the way with our sustainability initiatives, and as an Impact company, our purpose is to empower all to make the most of our energy and resources, bridging progress and sustainability for all. The Access to Energy Program seeks to ensure access to clean, affordable, reliable and sustainable energy solutions, to improve the lives and livelihoods of people and stimulate economic development through energy access.

Under the partnership, ERC will identify and collaborate on initiatives that leverage on Schneider Electric’s industry-leading expertise and innovation in sustainability, decarbonization, and microgrid controller solutions and ERC’s proven capabilities in research, developing, deploying, operating and maintaining renewable energy generation systems. Schneider Electric will be ERC’s key technological partner for microgrid solutions under “Access to Energy Program“.

Schneider Electric’s Country President for Pakistan, Humayun Akhlaq said, “We are excited to extend our collaboration with Energy Research Centre COMSATS University this LoI will move us forward in realizing our shared vision of a country that is decarbonized, digitized, and decentralized. Our technology and industry expertise will unlock new opportunities to accelerate the energy transition and contribute to Pakistan’s sustainability goals – and empower remote communities to help lead the energy transition. I am proud of this collaboration and excited to see a more sustainable future for all.”

COMSATS University’s Additional Registrar, Dr. Rashid A. Khan, said, “We are so pleased to join hands with Schneider Electric, recognized as a leader for microgrid technology and sustainability to better respond to the country’s energy needs, under this partnership we will provide studies regarding baseload power solutions to the areas of the country with the greatest need. Our partnership is guided by the combined philosophy and belief in clean energy, innovation, and sustainability – these values are exemplified through our LoI with Schneider Electric.”

The LoI builds on the successful partnership between Schneider Electric and ERC COMSATS University to modernize the energy grid in Pakistan. Schneider Electric is providing the microgrid controller solution to improve the efficiency and reliability of the system.

Microgrids are self-containing electrical networks which integrate on-site energy sources such as solar, allowing hosts to generate electricity on-site and use it as and when needed, independent of the status of the country’s utility grid. Organizations of all kinds are turning towards microgrids and distributed energy resources for financial and sustainability benefits.


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