SAP aims to improve businesses through accelerating digitalization

Leading digital solutions provider, SAP, to promote and accelerate the progress of digital transformation in order to achieve the vision of a digital Pakistan, organized an exclusive Blue Ribbon Event “Meet the Acceleration of Change”, engaging industry leaders from all across Pakistan to discuss and analyze the best practices to drive change and enable growth through digitalization.

The event shed light on the latest and upcoming technologies in the digital arena and also discussed the key areas and technologies that SAP aims to work on in the upcoming years to accelerate digitalization in the country. The session also proved to be a great initiative for the clients to engage and share their experience with SAP amongst themselves.

The panel “Innovate Together to Accelerate Business Transformations” had a line-up of distinguished personalities from the industry, including Mr. Hafeez-ul-Hassan Shah, Head of IT Operations & ERP, ICI Pakistan, Mr. Yasir Siddique Sheikh, CFO, Descon and Mr. Kamil Saroop Khan, COO, Mitchell’s Food. The panelists briefed the audience about the journey to digital transformation of the operations and services in their respective organizations by employing smart and innovative enterprise solutions from SAP.

Saquib Ahmad, Managing Director, SAP Pakistan, also shared his thoughts on the occasion and said, “For SAP, digital transformation is a journey that will serve as a driver for change and prosperity for not only our clients and their organizations but also our economy and our country. We will continue on our journey towards transforming and modernizing the digital landscape of Pakistan and we hope to learn and grow with our clients.”

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