Salient features of HUAWEI nova 9

You probably know that HUAWEI nova 9 is already out. The phone has received many media accolades and gotten young millennials excited with a refreshing design, a camera that gives popular flagships a run for their money, all-day battery life, and cool EMUI 12 features. It is a phone that is rightfully called the Trendy Flagship and Camera King. Now, let us look at some of the things you can do with it that will make your life easier.

Shoot continuously using front and back cameras

Generally, when shooting videos, every camera on the phone only works independently. This limits what you can do with multiple cameras on the phone. For instance, when recording a video using the front camera, you have to exit the recording before switching to the rear camera. That means there will be two separate recordings. If you want to make them into one footage, you have to edit them together afterwards. This process not only takes more effort, but you won’t be able to share the video right away on social media. But the new HUAWEI nova 9 features the Continuous Front/Back Recording feature. Using this feature, you can easily switch between front and rear cameras whilst filming to produce a single video featuring both footages in one go. Use the power of the Continuous Front/Back recording to tell better stories with your phone.

Dual View offers a better way to vlog

The Huawei nova 9 comes with Dual-View Video that allows you to shoot using both front and rear cameras simultaneously. Or you can record a zoomed shot and wide shot together, both taken on the rear camera system, in one frame. Whether you are vlogging about your vacation, your college life, or your cookout, you can switch between the cameras at any time and record your moments. With Dual-View video, vlogging is easier than ever.

Juice up your phone in a jiffy

The HUAWEI nova 9 has a high-capacity 4300mAh battery that only takes 15 minutes to charge to 53 per cent and 38 minutes to charge to 100 per cent. You don’t have to worry about running out of battery ever again. If you plug in the phone, you will have enough battery to get you through the day by the time it takes to finish your lunch.

These are just some of the things that you can do with HUAWEI nova 9. Definitely, the phone is capable of even more amazing things. The chic design of the phone is yet another reason to get your hands on this device. To make it even better, there is the all-new colourway called Colour No. 9. Offering a smart and seamless experience, the trusted, innovative and secure AppGallery comes pre-installed on the HUAWEI nova 9, where you can search for and download a wide range of high-quality apps.


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