Remarks by U.S. Ambassador Blome at USAID Dairy Methane Emission Reduction Workshop

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It’s a pleasure to welcome you all to our Dairy/Livestock Methane Emission Reduction Workshop. Today’s event is a critical part of U.S. efforts to boost climate-focused investments in developing nations, particularly those most affected by climate change, like Pakistan.  Together, we aim to craft a proposal for a major initiative focused on reducing methane emissions from dairy farming, which we will submit to the Green Climate Fund.

Today, we gather not just to talk, but to act.  With the growing impacts of climate change, it’s urgent that we tackle one of its main causes — methane emissions from the dairy sector.  Methane, a gas released by livestock like cows, is much more effective than carbon dioxide at trapping heat in our atmosphere, making it a potent contributor to global warming.

By reducing these emissions by nearly half by 2030, we can contribute significantly to the global goal of keeping temperature rise under 1.5 degrees Celsius — a key target of the Paris Climate Agreement.  With Pakistan housing one of the largest livestock populations in the world, your country’s dairy sector is uniquely positioned to help achieve this.

The United States has been proud to partner with Pakistan since the 1960s, starting with the Green Revolution that significantly improved the lives of many Pakistanis. Today, we are investing in clean energy, water, and sustainable agriculture to help Pakistan prepare for a resilient future. This partnership continues under the banner of the U.S.-Pakistan “Green Alliance,” which is focused on promoting sustainable growth and tackling the climate crisis through careful management of natural resources.

This conference marks a significant step forward in our shared commitment to environmental stewardship and climate resilience in Pakistan. By bringing together key stakeholders, we aim to mobilize the necessary financial and technical resources to tackle one of Pakistan’s most pressing environmental challenges.

The dairy industry plays a pivotal role in this mission. We’ve seen how methane reduction can be achieved through innovative industry practices that also improve efficiency. I am confident that a partnership leveraging such innovations can promote growth in this crucial sector of Pakistan’s economy.

Today, we’re not just addressing a technical challenge; we’re upholding a moral responsibility. It is our duty to future generations to address the impacts of climate change decisively. Through innovation, collaboration, and collective commitment, we can overcome these challenges and lay the groundwork for a sustainable dairy industry.

I am optimistic that our efforts will support sustainable growth in Pakistan’s dairy sector and contribute to global methane reduction goals.

Thank you for your commitment, and I look forward to a productive conference.


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