PUBG MOBILE and Donkey King Collaborate to bring exciting new in-game content

One of the world’s most popular mobile games, PUBG MOBILE, and Pakistan’s highest-grossing animated feature film, “Donkey King,” are joining forces to bring the beloved characters Donkey Raja and Miss Fitna into the game from April 14th, 2023. This exciting collaboration allows players to get the Donkey King franchise outfits in-game, adding a fun and playful element to the game.

In the collaboration, players can get the permanent Donkey Raja and Miss Fitna’s skin by lucky draw. Play 10 times to get all rewards, the first draw only 30UC. And also, you can get free limited time outfits by inviting friends to join the collaboration event in the Event Center.

In addition, players can send invites to friends who have not logged in for seven days to stand a chance to trigger surprise rewards and get additional RP Mission Card. layers may invite the same friend several times during the event to get the prize.

Also present at the occasion of the partnership between PUBG MOBILE and Donkey King, Faizan Mubarak, Head of Corporate Affairs from GEO Tv Network commented, “We at GEO News are excited to see PUBG MOBILE bringing unique value to the Pakistani video game community. PUBG MOBILE has a long history of successful initiatives that offer players unique experiences, available nowhere else. Now, thanks to the game’s exciting partnership with the Donkey King franchise, PUBG MOBILE is adding another layer of fun and exploration to the game. This collaboration is bound to provide players with a new level of entertainment, and we are looking forward to seeing what else PUBG MOBILE has in store for Pakistani gamers in the future.”

PUBG MOBILE’s collaboration with Donkey King is just one example of how the game is constantly expanding its offerings. In 2022, PUBG MOBILE became the official partner of Pakistani Cricket Team, bringing a campaign to support the team in ICC with the slogan #ShabaPakistan a phrase cricketer often use to compliment each other’s performance, which allowed players to participate in the virtual cricket league and win in-game rewards. It was an immediate success with players across the country.

In addition to these collaborations, PUBG MOBILE is also committed to supporting the nation’s culture. The game has quickly become a cultural phenomenon in the country, with many players embracing it      to connect with their peers and showcase their skills. The game’s fourth anniversary song, “Game Strong Hai” showcases PUBG MOBILE’s dedication to the local music industry and its players in Pakistan. The song features popular Pakistani artists, BILAL SAEED and AIMA BAIG, and highlights the game’s deep roots in the country’s culture.

As PUBG MOBILE continues to expand its offerings and engage players in new ways, it remains committed to supporting the nation’s culture and economy. With its latest collaboration with the Donkey King franchise, the game is set to provide its players with exciting new experiences for years to come.

Get ready to join Donkey Raja and Miss Fitna from April 14th and explore the exciting new world of PUBG MOBILE and the Donkey King franchise!

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