PTA urges Ministry of Commerce to announce PM Relief Package

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Mr. Anjum Zafar Chairman, Pakistan Tanners Association(PTA) has urged upon the Ministry of Commerce & Ministry of Finance to announce the Prime Minister Relief Package for immediate issuance of New SRO for DLTL which was due to be effective from 1st July, 2017 without condition of 10% increase as this incentive is for refund of local taxes on export and such refund should not be linked with increase in export which otherwise will remain un competitive in the world markets and market share will keep losing for all country wide exporters including Non Textile (Leather Sector of Pakistan).

The Chairman, PTA, Mr. Anjum Zafar also shared with media that next potential events/international fairs are knocking at the door particularly “Lineapelle Fair which is scheduled to be held from 4-6th October, 2017 at Milan, Italy which is vital event of Leather Industry to conclude enormous  export orders by virtue of  huge participation & investment already made for their participation in this event, which is being organized by Pakistan Tanners Association in collaboration with the TDAP, Government of Pakistan to fetch precious foreign  exchange for the promotion of country’s exports. 

He also informed to the Media that around 30 top leading member exporters who are going to participate in this potential event in Milan, Italy are really perturbed / confused for offering the Unit Price of Leather to the potential buyers/customers without any confirmation/New SRO for DLTL. The event in Milan, Italy is unique of its kind to execute further business export orders with the potential foreign buyers/customers and the continuation of DLTL scheme WITHOUT ANY SORT OF CONDITION FOR THE INCREMENT EXPORTS would certainly enable our member exporters to offer competitive prices in International market for yielding the sizeable export orders for the country. This event in Milan would be the real battle with the neighbouring competitors and world players particularly with Brazil, Argentina, India, Bangladesh, China, Sri Lanka etc., who are already offering more competitive prices to the Int’l Foreign buyers and in view of which it is utmost mandatory to keep continuation of the incentive Package for DLTL irrespective of incremental export condition urgently and timely to support our member exporters to compete in Int’l market viably/effectively.

The Chairman, PTA, Mr. Anjum Zafar once again reiterated the export of Leather Sector of Pakistan is decreasing gradually for the last 3 consecutive years, which needs to be addressed with more relief package specially to continue the DLTL scheme without any condition for  exports.

Chairman, PTA strongly urged the Ministry of Commerce & Ministry of Finance to FINALISE THE SRO and its immediate ANNOUNCEMENT FOR ATLEAST UPCOMING 3 YEARS   BY CURRENT WEEK before embarkation of our member exporters for Italy for participation WITHOUT ANY CONDITION OF EXPORTS so PTA member exporters can make proper calculation of workable prices for foreign buyers/customers during the Exhibition at Milan, Italy without any hesitation for the promotion of exports in general and arrest the declining trend of country’s exports of Leather Sector in particular.

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