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Pakistan Solar Association (PSA), the leading trade body dedicated to advancing solar energy in Pakistan, reaffirms its commitment to its mission despite recent attempts to tarnish its reputation. With over 600 registered members, PSA has been instrumental in propelling the solar industry forward in the country.

In light of recent events, PSA has been subjected to a malicious propaganda campaign orchestrated by disgruntled individuals aiming to besmirch the organisation’s image and that of its esteemed members. PSA has vehemently refuted these baseless allegations and has taken decisive legal action against the perpetrators.

Among the false accusations against PSA are claims regarding the legitimacy of the association’s previous elections and unfounded complaints related to regulatory compliance. It is important to note that PSA has consistently adhered to all relevant regulations, obtaining a compliance certificate from the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) dated 15th December 2023, reference no ARL/009642/1803, issued by the Additional Joint Registrar of Companies.

Furthermore, the recent order issued by the Directorate General of Trade Organizations (DGTO) lacks merit and procedural fairness. PSA asserts that the DGTO order was issued based on unsubstantiated complaints without allowing the association to present its case or engage legal representation.

PSA emphasises that the DGTO order does not serve as a final verdict and intends to appeal to the Federal government authorities for its suspension. The association maintains that it operates within the framework of the Trade Organization Act 2013 and Trade Organization Rule 2013 and has fully cooperated with regulatory bodies throughout its operations.

These baseless allegations aim to undermine PSA’s reputation and impede its efforts towards promoting solar energy initiatives in Pakistan. However, PSA remains resolute in its commitment to its members and the broader goal of advancing sustainable energy practices nationwide.

As PSA continues to lead the charge in fostering innovation and growth within the solar industry, it calls upon stakeholders and the public to reject misinformation and support the association’s unwavering dedication to a greener, more sustainable future for Pakistan.

Furthermore, PSA reaffirms its unwavering support for the rule of law and the principles of justice. The association firmly believes in the importance of fair and impartial governance, and it will continue to work collaboratively with regulatory authorities to ensure compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

PSA remains undeterred in its mission to promote sustainable energy solutions and drive positive change in Pakistan’s energy landscape. Through unity, resilience, and a steadfast commitment to its values, PSA will overcome challenges and continue to lead the charge towards a brighter, more sustainable future for all.

PSA remains steadfast in its dedication to transparency, integrity, and adherence to regulatory standards. As a trusted advocate for the solar industry, PSA upholds the highest ethical standards and fosters a culture of accountability within its membership.


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