President KCCI seeks AIGP’s help in dealing with continuous traffic jams at University Road

President Karachi Chamber of Commerce & Industry (KCCI) Mohammed Tariq Yousuf, while expressing deep concerns over constant traffic jams at the University Road, requested the authorities at the traffic police department to devise effective strategies for avoiding traffic jams at University Road, which is one of the busiest Roads of Karachi.

The deployment of additional traffic police officers at this road has to be ensured so that smooth flow of traffic particularly during peak hours in the morning and evening could be made possible and the poor masses, who are going through intense torture every day, could be provided some relief in reaching their destinations.

In a letter sent to DIGP Traffic Ahmed Nawaz Cheema, President KCCI informed that the Karachi Chamber has received numerous complaints not only from its members but also from a large number of people from different walks of life who have been complaining about continuous traffic jam situation/ disruption in flow of traffic at the University Road, which results in intensifying difficulties for commuters.

He said that the development work underway for construction of Red Line Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) along with Cricket Matches being played at the National Stadium between Pakistan and New Zealand were the key reasons for constant traffic jams at the University Road. Although the cricket matches were now over for the time being but the hardships continue due to lack of proper diversions for traffic at University Road and unavailability of traffic police officers, which worsen the situation and the commuters remain stuck up at traffic jams for hours particularly when a large number of bikers and even rickshaw drivers, fearlessly violate one-way traffic rule. “Sizeable number of encroachments and handcarts at the University Road near Safoora roundabout create several bottlenecks which completely choke the traffic flow and create a mess all around as the four wheelers remain completely stuck up while the bikers can be seen lifting their bikes to put them on footpaths so that they could somehow escape from the traffic jam”, he said, adding that awareness about traffic rules has to be raised while the one-way rule must also be strictly implemented to improve the traffic flow situation.

He requested the DIGP Traffic to issue directives to concerned Traffic Police Staff for appropriately managing the traffic flow at the University Road particularly during morning and evening so that the people could reach their destinations on time without going through severe hassle.

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