Prantik Group facilitates Mongla port dredging operation in Bangladesh.

The Mongla Port of Bangladesh has launched an ambitious dredging project to maintain the draft at a sustainable level. The port authority witnessed the arrival of two world’s biggest non-propelled cutter suction dredgers ( 138 m long, 28 m Breadth “Xin Hai Xu”, and “Xin Hai Teng”), owned by CCECC, China. They were engaged in the Mongla port channel dredging operation by Mongla Port Authority, Bangladesh. The dredgers were loaded out July 23 to semi submergible vessel Blue Marlin (owned by Boskhalis) for departure from Mongla port, Bangladesh, after completing their dredging work in the port channel of Pushur River.

The local Prantik Group has played an important role in this operation as Prantik tugs towed the dredgers initially from Base Creek, Mongla Port, to Akram Point anchorage (34 Nautical Miles distance)

The Company’s three tugs, AHTS Prantik Sarwar 63 BP, Barshan 26 BP, and Seagull Pride 6, 28 BP used in this very challenging loading out operation. Loading out the process was carried out in Akram Point anchorage, Mongla port. Prantik’s tugs’ master and crew have done a wonderful job together with Loading Masters, Pilot of Mongla Port.

Prantik Bangladesh MD Golam Sarwar has proudly stated that the towage to loading location and tugging for loading out the operation with leading tug DP capabilities AHTS Prantik Sarwar and another two tugs – Barshan and Seagull Pride 6, Prantik provided these three tugs.

Prantik Bangladesh MD Golam Sarwar said, “The whole operation was possible for lead tug Prantik Sarwar availability locally; otherwise, the heavy tug would have been required on charter from overseas- Singapore:

Prantik stands as one of the most trusted names in the region of comprehensive, end-to-end solutions in the marine industry in Bangladesh and beyond since 1998. Each of our portfolio companies specializes in a distinct market segment and provides a unique value proposition to our esteemed clientele all over the world – from Texan energy giants to logistics titans in Europe, all the way to Chinese salvage masters in the Far East.

Dredging Information of Mongla port

Mongla Port has been designed for berthing ships having an 8.50 m draft. Up to 1980, there was no siltation problem either in the Jetty front or Channel area. But after 1980 siltation started in Jetty front Area. From that time, regular maintenance dredging was performed at Berth/ Jetty area.

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