PPL fosters oil and gas production in Pakistan

PPL has informed the Pakistan Stock Exchange today of its contribution towards Pakistan’s Energy Outlook as it remains committed to ensuring a secure energy future by maximising domestic hydrocarbon production. With many of the Company’s producing fields maturing and on their natural decline, the Company has identified and executed multiple production enhancement opportunities through rigorous technical analysis, state-of-the-art ringless techniques and surface system optimisation at a significantly lower cost than drilling new wells. From October 2023 to March 2024, the execution of these opportunities has resulted in a substantial production gain of approximately 17 MMscfd gas and 530 barrels per day of oil condensate.

Following is the summary of the main achievements :

1. Artificial Lift System: The artificial lift system at Adhi South X-1 and Adhi South-5 was successfully installed, adding 450 barrels per day of condensate.

2. Acid Stimulation and Wellbore Clean-out: We removed scale build-up across the tubing and reservoir in Fazl X-1 in Hala Block and Adhi-19, which added -5 MMscfd gas production.

3. Surface De-Bottlenecking: Enhanced -7 MMscfd gas production from Sui Gas Field through optimisation of the GGM network, wellhead surface fittings, and chemical inhibition strategy,

4, Optimization through Optimum Gas Blending: Increased -5 MMscfd gas and -80 barrels per day condensate through optimum blending of the high and low-quality gas in Gambat South
processing facilities after commissioning the well Shahpur Chakar North X-1.

This additional and cost-effective indigenous hydrocarbon production will contribute to reducing the energy demand and supply gap and save significant foreign exchange for the country,

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