Power Generation slides by 9.8% YoY during Jul’22

 Power generation went down by 9.8% YoY to 14,151 GWh (19,020 MW) during Jul’22, compared to 15,680 GWh (21,075 MW) during Jul’21. The decline in the generation was owed to lower generation from FO, RLNG, and Coal by 46%, 32%, and 24% YoY, respectively.

Major contributors during Jul’22 were Hydel (share: 35%), RLNG (share: 15%), Nuclear (share: 14%), Coal (share: 13%), Gas (share: 10%), FO (share: 6%), Wind (share: 4%), and HSD (share: 1%).

Nuclear-based generation increased by 21% YoY. HSD, Solar, Gas, and Hydel-based generation also increased by 67%, 14%, 8%, and 6% YoY, respectively. However, FO, RLNG, Coal, and Wind-based power generation decreased by 46%, 32%, 24%, and 6% YoY, respectively.

The rise in Nuclear-based generation was attributable to the addition of the Karachi Nuclear Power Plant (Unit-3) to the system. On a MoM basis, Nuclear-based generation also increased by 59% due to the resumption of the Karachi Nuclear Power Plant (Unit-2) which was unavailable last month due to scheduled maintenance.

RLNG-based power generation declined by 32% YoY and 37% MoM amid lower availability of RLNG compared to Jul’21 and Jun’22, respectively. Govt. imported 8 cargos during Jul’22 compared to 11 and 12 cargos during Jul’21 and Jun’22, respectively.

During Jul’22, Hub Power’s subsidiary – Thar Energy Limited – started to generate electricity and the load factor of the plant arrived at 1% (2,974 MWh).

During Jul’22, fuel cost for power generation decreased by 27% MoM to an average of PKR 10.71/KWh compared to an average cost of PKR 14.72/KWh during Jun’22.

Fuel cost down by 27% MoM during Jul’22

The decline in fuel cost by 27% MoM to PKR 10.7/KWh during Jul’22 was led by the following reasons:

Hydel and Nuclear-based generation increased by 48% MoM and 59% MoM during Jul’22, respectively.

Coal-based cost of generation compressed by 3% MoM to PKR 20.2/KWh during Jul’22.

RLNG-based cost of generation also decreased by 0.3% MoM to PKR 28.3/KWh given a 10% MoM decline in RLNG prices to PKR 3,810/mmbtu (USD 17.5/mmbtu). 

FO-based cost of generation went down by 1% MoM to PKR 35.7/KWh.

Nuclear-based cost of generation dipped by 7% MoM to PKR 1.0/KWh.

Courtesy – AHL Research

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