Power Cement exported cement to the UK

Power Cement, a leading name in the cement industry, marks a significant milestone as it successfully enters the European market by exporting
its high-quality cement to the United Kingdom. This momentous move demonstrates Power Cement’s commitment to global expansion and positions the company as a formidable force in the international construction materials arena and, notably, as the first Pakistani cement exporter to enter the UK market. Power Cement’s inaugural European shipment strategically diversifies its global footprint.

Mr. Saifuddin A. Khan, Director of Export Marketing at Power Cement, expressed enthusiasm about this achievement, stating, “Entering the European market and exporting our cement to the UK is a testament to the high standards and excellence that Power Cement upholds, Power Cement can customise the packaging as per the requirements of the buyer, and we are excited about the opportunities this presents. We look forward to becoming a trusted partner in the UK’s construction sector and contributing to Pakistan’s economic progress through foreign exchange earnings.”

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