Philip Morris (Pakistan) Limited enhances efficiency through green energy

Philip Morris (Pakistan) Limited (PMPKL), in its continuous efforts to become more power efficient, achieved a 41% energy consumption reduction compared with its 2018 baseline by generating and transitioning towards green energy and enhancing sustainability in its overall operations.

In line with Philip Morris International’s (PMI) vision to achieve net zero carbon neutrality for direct operations by 2030, PMPKL’s manufacturing team has undertaken multiple projects for improving energy efficiency and increasingly using renewable energy sources. PMPKL also became the first affiliate of PMI to install solar panels for the generation of green electricity in 2016 in its factories and has doubled its solar electricity generation in the last two years.

Faisal Mushtaq, Director Manufacturing at PMPKL, said, “PMPKL has been committed towards transforming its operations by employing sustainable practices and protocols. As the world is currently facing a looming energy crisis, it has become imperative to use our natural energy sources responsibly. I hope that being conscious of the consequences of our actions towards our planet and promoting environment-friendly policies and systems can become a trend across every corporation.”

Other initiatives undertaken by PMPKL to save energy resources include optimization of their manufacturing footprint, equipment upgradations and reduction in energy consumption of all utilities systems. In addition to reduction in energy consumption, PMPKL also focused on leveraging renewable energy sources to fuel its CO2 emissions reduction efforts.

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