Philip Morris (Pakistan) and Pak Mission society celebrate World cleanup day

In an effort to play its part in building a sustainable world this World Cleanup Day, Philip Morris (Pakistan) Limited (PMPKL), in collaboration with Pak Mission Society (PMS), a humanitarian and development organization, conducted awareness sessions, an anti-littering drive, and tree plantation drive in Sahiwal.

During the cleanup drive, over90 KG of trash was collected from the litter hotspot which was then sent ahead for proper disposal. To help restore and rejuvenate the surrounding environment, more than 100 trees were also planted in the vicinity. Coming out in support of the cause, more than 250 volunteers were mobilized who actively participated in the anti-littering drive. During the awareness sessions, around 400 people were engaged to educate them on the criticality of climate action and to reinforce the concept of working to improve the environment.

Faisal Mushtaq, Director of Manufacturing at PMPKL said, “Promoting and achieving sustainability has been PMPKL’s biggest agenda and is also the need of the hour. Given the recent climate crisis in Pakistan where more than half of the country has been adversely affected by the devastating floods, we as a nation need to take immediate action to reverse, or at least control the effects of climate change. PMPKL will continue to raise awareness, take further initiatives, and play its part in achieving environmental sustainability.”

Sunil Gill, Deputy Director at PMS while appreciating PMPKL’s financial support for their cause, said, “The climate crisis in Pakistan needs to be controlled immediately. The recent damages we have incurred due to extreme weather conditions and global warming are an indication of the state of climate change in Pakistan. We are very thankful to Philip Morris (Pakistan) Limited for supporting our mission of humanitarian development in Pakistan and for ceaselessly working towards improving the environment.”

PMPKL has always been at the forefront of addressing the global challenge of climate change. In addition to taking steps in its business operations to reduce its environmental impact and committing to carbon neutrality across its value chain, PMPKL actively works to promote sustainability across the country through its different initiatives.



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