PEW urges timely buying of LNG

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On Wednesday, Saifuddin Sheikh, Executive Director of Pakistan Economy Watch (PEW), said that the purchase of LNG from the global market should not be lax. Otherwise, the load shedding of electricity and gas will increase in the winter. He also urged politicians to shun their differences and come up on a page about all matters to avoid people’s anxiety.

The people and people in business are worried about the current political situation and unprecedented inflation. He added that the ruling coalition has promised the people to take the economy out of the vortex, so they should forget the differences and work for the country’s development.

In a statement issued here, Saifuddin Sheikh said that instead of raising the political temperature, it should be reduced, and accusations should be avoided.

He said this would also affect production and exports and result in unemployment, adding that the government tried to buy LNG from the spot market, but considering the economic conditions of Pakistan, only some companies are interested in it.

He said that Pakistan’s strained relationship with the IMF and continuous decline in ratings are also keeping foreign companies and investors away from the country.


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