PCSIR employees struggle as salaries remain unpaid since January 2024

In a distressing turn of events, Pakistan Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (PCSIR) employees have found themselves grappling with financial uncertainty as they have not received their monthly salaries since January 2024. This dire situation has cast a shadow over the dedicated workforce of PCSIR, an institution of national significance renowned for its scientific research endeavors. 

PCSIR, established to foster scientific and industrial development in Pakistan, boasts a team of highly skilled professionals, including tier-1 scientists and physicists. These individuals are at the forefront of groundbreaking research initiatives, contributing significantly to the advancement of various fields crucial for national progress.

However, the current predicament facing PCSIR employees paints a starkly different picture. Despite their invaluable contributions to scientific innovation, these diligent professionals face severe financial strain due to the prolonged delay in receiving their salaries. With each month, the burden of unpaid wages continues to mount, exacerbating the challenges PCSIR’s workforce faces.

The situation has left many employees in distress and uncertainty as they struggle to meet their financial obligations and provide for their families. For some, the inability to access their rightful earnings has resulted in mounting debts, an inability to cover necessities, and a sense of frustration over the authorities’ lack of support.

Speaking anonymously, a PCSIR employee lamented, “We dedicate our expertise and efforts to advancing science and technology for the betterment of our nation, yet we find ourselves in a dire situation where we cannot sustain our own livelihoods. The non-payment of salaries has affected our morale and strained our personal and professional lives.”

The ramifications of the salary crisis extend beyond the individual hardships faced by PCSIR employees. The organization risks losing its most valuable asset – its talented workforce. With skilled scientists and researchers struggling to make ends meet, there is a real concern that PCSIR’s capacity for cutting-edge research and innovation may be compromised. 

Moreover, PCSIR’s reputation as a premier scientific institution is also at stake. The organisation’s failure to fulfill its financial obligations to employees raises questions about its management and commitment to supporting its workforce. Such uncertainty may deter prospective talent from joining PCSIR, further impeding its ability to fulfil its mandate of scientific and industrial development. 

Efforts to address the salary crisis have thus far yielded little progress, leaving employees disillusioned and desperate for a resolution. Calls for intervention from relevant authorities to expedite the release of overdue salaries have intensified, with employees urging swift action to alleviate their financial woes and restore stability to PCSIR. 

As the impasse over unpaid salaries persists, the plight of PCSIR employees serves as a sobering reminder of the challenges faced by those at the forefront of scientific research in Pakistan. Until a resolution is reached, the invaluable contributions of these dedicated professionals risk being overshadowed by the spectre of financial insecurity and instability.


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    Government must shutdown all these institutions & ministries which are nothing but white elephants.

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