Parwaaz launches four new skilling programs to upskill the national workforce

Parwaaz has rapidly built partnerships with the country’s leading businesses to identify their workforce demands and train workers in industry required skills. Most recently, it collaborated with HBL, Systems Limited, Engro Corporation, and Pakistan Agriculture Coalition to upgrade the roles of Farm Managers, Crop Advisors, Cybersecurity Specialists, and Full Stack Developers, under its Agriculture & Foods, Financial Services, and ICT sectors skills incubators.

Parwaaz signed four skilling programs in May with business leaders from companies that are part of Parwaaz’s Future Ready skills incubators, where existing gaps in skills and future job roles are identified. The programs are developed by subject matter experts to train workers in emerging skills needed to improve both the professional growth of workers and increase their work productivity for industry progress. The skilling programs are innovative as they are backed by their relevant industry and provide confirmed jobs to successful program graduates. The goal of Parwaaz skilling programs is to train workers by upgrading existing and new roles with digital skills, enhancing worker’s technical and entrepreneurial skills.

Jawad Khan, Country Head Parwaaz explains “We are focused on giving the exact knowledge and skills young people need today to get hired and succeed in their careers. We are working directly with employers to identify their skill needs, supporting them in selecting and training workers in the skillset that is needed to prevent the mismatch of skills that has left many graduates jobless. We are not only closing the skills gap but bridging the very disconnect that has existed between employers and employees”.

Parwaaz is Pakistan’s national accelerator on closing the skills gap, launched in collaboration with World Economic Forum (WEF). It is led by the most influential business leaders from Pakistan’s private sector with powerful public sector patronage through active engagement of Ministers of Education and Human Resource Development.

The sector panels of Parwaaz represent Pakistan’s six priority sectors which are guided by Presidents and CEOs of leading companies. This includes the Financial Services, ICT, Agriculture & Foods, Manufacturing & Light Engineering, Textiles, Hospitality and Retail Services sectors. Each sector panel is supported by a skills incubator that works directly under the strategic guidance of business leaders in developing reskilling, upskilling and new skilling (RUN) programs to train the existing and future workforce of Pakistan.

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