Pakistan stock gains 622pts today

· First trading session after a long Eid vacation, the Market opened +347pts, courtesy LUCK & TRG. MSCI EM review during the off period saw inclusion of LUCK and TRG and deletion of INDU, PKGS, OGDC and NBP that resulted in negative price performance in OGDC and likewise positive price performance in LUCK. The momentum kept the interest alive and the index kept posting gains with a total addition of 632pts and closing the session +615pts (unadjusted). In addition, Tech stocks continued the uptrend with prominent performance by TRG, NETSOL and AVN. Among scrips, WTL topped the volumes with 72.9M shares, followed by KEL (38.3M) and GGL (35.9M).

· The Index closed at 45,796pts as against 45,175pts showing an increase of 622pts (+1.4% DoD). Sectors contributing to the performance include Cement (+200pts), Technology (+140pts), Fertilizer (+55pts), Textile (+35pts) and Vanaspati (+34pts).

· Volumes increased from 245.6mn shares to 437.4mn shares (+78% DoD). Average traded value also increased by 115% DoD to reach US$ 133.5mn as against US$ 62.2mn.

· Stocks that contributed significantly to the volumes include WTL, KEL, GGL, TELE and UNITY, which formed 44% of total volumes.

· Stocks that contributed positively to the index include TRG (+135pts), LUCK (+94pts), UNITY (+34pts), MCB (+32pts) and MLCF (+24pts). Stocks that contributed negatively include OGDC (-65pts), PPL (-19pts), HBL (-8pts), NRL (-8pts) and BAFL (-6pts).

Courtesy – AHL

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