Pakistan saw a record remittances inflow of $3.0 billion during March 24

Workers’ Remittances recorded an inflow of US$3.0 billion during March 24.

In terms of growth, on March 24, remittances increased significantly by 31.3 per cent on an m/m basis and 16.4 per cent on a y/y basis.

Workers’ Remittances recorded an inflow of US$ 21.0 billion during first nine months of FY24 and showed an increase of 0.9 percent as compared to US$20.8 billion remittances recorded during 9MFY23.

Workers’ Remittances inflows during March 24 were mainly sourced from Saudi Arabia (US 703.1 million), the United Arab Emirates (US 548.5 million), the United Kingdom (US 461.5 million) and the United States of America (US 372.5 million).

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