Pakistan invites the organiser of the Lineapelle Fair to participate in the PMLS 24.

According to Pakistan Tanners Association (PTA), an important meeting with the organiser of the Lineapelle Fair was held in Milan, Italy, on the 2nd day for bilateral participation of both countries in leather fairs. Pakistan has invited Lineapelle Fair to participate in the Pakistan Mega Leather Show in Lahore next year (PMLS).

Mr Muhammad Mehr Ali, Chairman of PTA, Mr Agha Saiddain, Convener-PMLS, M. Ali, Secretary General PTA and others attended it. Ms Fulvia Bacchi, Managing Director of Lineapelle Fair authority, participated at the said meeting from the organisers’ side.

To consider making ties with PTA in organising being a collaborator for PMLS’24, Lahore in January ’24 and to allow PTA to manage the participation of its members in Lineapelle Fair NEW YORK, USA, and the discussion was a very fruitful conclusion. PTA will follow up with the Lineapelle Fair Management to materialise the meeting to the desired extent.

Another meeting was held on the last day of the exhibition during Lineapelle Fair in Milan, Italy, with Mr Matteo Scarparo, head of Global Trade & Business Service of the Italian Footwear Manufacturers Association, which was also a very important & productive meeting. Chairman PTA had invited all shoe manufacturers registered with this association, around 500 Nos, to participate in PMLS’24, Lahore.

Most important, the President of the Footwear Association has assured to form a delegation to visit Pakistan on the eve of PMLS’24.

Both activities were part of the Int’l Affiliation of the PTA with foreign organisations as an integral part of the proposal made by the Chairman, PTA, during the last CEC Meeting to get maximum exposure of PTA INTERNATIONALLY for making ties/interactions/collaboration with foreign organisers for the interest of the Industry & CERTAINLY for the benefit to the members of the Association/PTA.

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