Pak-Qatar General Takaful signs agreement with

Pak-Qatar General Takaful Limited (PQGTL) has signed an agreement with, Pakistan’s first and largest industrial machinery trading platform. The signing ceremony was held recently and the agreement was signed by Mr. Azeem Iqbal Pirani, (DCEO, Pak-Qatar General Takaful Limited) and Mr. Zeeshan Sheikh (CEO and Co-Founder of Through this strategic alliance, the customers of will have an opportunity to get need based Takaful coverage for their machines instantly.

While speaking on the occasion, Mr. Azeem Pirani said, “This agreement with Machinesells will definitely be very good for consumers. Consumers will now have access to Islamic insurance (Takaful) while purchasing industrial equipment. Insurance is a tool definitely required at industrial and commercial level. Consumers will now have the option on their fingertips. Machinesells (being an online portal) is doing a great service to the industrial sector of Pakistan by allowing consumers to interact with distributors and manufacturers.”

He further added, “This was something direly needed. Such platforms will play significant role and I am hopeful that this agreement will bring fruitful results not only for Pak-Qatar Takaful and but customers of this particular segment as well.”

Mr. Zeeshan Sheikh (CEO,, commented, “The main purpose is to introduce insurance on our platform through Pak-Qatar Takaful is to create a one stop solution for the customers who are intending to sell, buy or rent machines across Pakistan. This collaboration will not only help reduce the traditional time frame in obtaining coverage facility but give a hassle free experience throughout the policy period. I hope this agreement will be beneficial for both Pak-Qatar and Machinesells and will lead to long-term business relationship.”

This initiative has been taken to facilitate the decision of customers for buying machines and getting it secured through Pak-Qatar General Takaful. This is the first step to make a one-stop solution for the customers of this industry. is expanding and accumulating to build a strong connected wall for their clientele. will procure to have more steps and stands on this industrial platform with its strategic collaborator.

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