OPPO enhances customer experience with monthly “OPPO Service Day” in Pakistan

OPPO, a global technology leader renowned for its innovative smartphone solutions, continues its commitment to enhancing the customer experience with the monthly “OPPO Service Day” in Pakistan. This special event, available to all OPPO users across the country, takes place from the 10th to the 12th of every month at official OPPO Service Centers.

During the “OPPO Service Day,” OPPO users in Pakistan can take advantage of a range of services and benefits designed to enhance their smartphone experience.

One of the key offerings is “Free Repair Services.” If your OPPO device needs repair, you only need to cover the cost of the replaced spare parts, while labor costs are completely waived, ensuring a cost-effective solution for any necessary repairs.

OPPO also understands the importance of keeping your device in pristine condition. Users can avail “Free Anti-Scratch Service,” and “Free Jelly Case Replacement” which allows you to replace the default anti-scratch screen protector at no cost, subject to stock availability at your nearest OPPO Service Center.

OPPO Service Centers also offer “Free Consultation” to assist users facing difficulties operating their devices or encountering issues. You can access this service in person at the service center or through various online channels, including Hotline, Email, Chat, and Social Media.

In addition to consultation and repair services, “Free Device Check and Cleaning” are provided after consulting with service center staff or technicians. This service includes a complimentary device check to identify any issues and free cleaning to ensure your device remains in top-notch condition.

For those who are unable to visit an OPPO Service Center due to location constraints, OPPO offers “Free Delivery Services.” You can take advantage of free pick-up and drop-off courier services provided by OPPO Service Centers, with all shipping costs covered, provided the shipment contains at least one cell phone.

OPPO’s commitment to providing not only cutting-edge technology but also superior after-sales service is evident through the “OPPO Service Day.” This initiative ensures that users have access to the best services and support.

In addition to these ongoing services, OPPO will also organize special events and promotions based on festivals and other occasions, providing even more reasons for OPPO users to celebrate.



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