NED University and Systems Limited join forces to bridge industry-academia gap

In a significant step towards fostering innovation and development in technology, NED University and Systems Limited have officially signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). This strategic collaboration aims to bridge the gap between academia and industry, paving the way for a seamless exchange of knowledge and expertise.

Ms. Naureen Anwar, SVP – Special Projects at Systems Limited, and Mr. Ghazanfar Hussain, Registrar – NED University, inked the MOU, solidifying the commitment to mutual growth and advancement.

With a comprehensive approach to nurturing talent and fostering innovation, the MOU covers various facets that contribute to holistic development. These include enriching the computer science faculty with the latest technology trends, enhancing curriculum offerings to align with industry needs, facilitating cooperative education initiatives, providing internship placements for students, and organizing industrial visits to expose students to real-world applications.

Dr. Saad Ahmed Qazi, Dean of the Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering, NED, Dr. Ali Ismail, Chairperson of Computer Systems Engineering, NED, Dr. Mubashir Khan, Chairperson of Computer Science, NED, Dr. Shehnila Zardari, Chairperson of Software Engineering, NED, Dr. Amir Qureshi, Director of Industrial Liaison, NED, Ms. Maryam Bashir, AVP – HR, Systems Limited Mr. Yasir Abbas Merchant, Deputy Manager of RDI & Academia Linkages, Systems Limited and Dr. Danish ur Rehman Khan, Technical Assistant to the Vice Chancellor attended this ceremony.

Dr. Sarosh Lodi, Vice-Chancellor, NED University shared his view at this occasion, “This collaboration between NED University and Systems Limited is a testament to our commitment to shaping visionary tech leaders. Through this partnership, we’re bridging academia and industry to empower our students with knowledge and skills that will drive innovation and progress. The various avenues covered in the MOU, including enriching our faculty with the latest tech trends, enhancing curriculum offerings, facilitating cooperative education, internships, and industrial visits, ensure a comprehensive approach to nurturing holistic development.”

On this momentous occasion, Ms. Naureen Anwar, SVP – Special Projects, Systems Limited stated, “We are thrilled to embark on this transformative journey alongside NED University. As technology continues to reshape industries, this collaboration will empower students to not only embrace innovation but also contribute meaningfully to it. We believe that by nurturing the academic and practical aspects of learning, we can collectively shape a future that thrives on knowledge and progress.”


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