Mobilink Bank and VBF team up to drive financial literacy for women and youth

Mobilink Bank, in collaboration with Vision-Building Future (VBF) and Shirakat Partnership for Development, was actively engaged in the European Union (EU) initiative, “Power to Youth.” This strategic endeavour, funded by the EU, provided financial literacy training to more than 100 young individuals, especially women. The “Power to Youth” program’s core objective is to empower youth socially and economically, enabling them to be change agents in their communities, establish livelihoods, and enhance their leadership and visibility in targeted districts. The program consisted of three structured sessions, each thoughtfully designed to equip participants with financial knowledge and essential skills. Through this partnership, Mobilink Bank strived to foster financial literacy, emphasising inclusivity, particularly in empowering women and youth.

Mobilink Bank is part of the VEON group, a global digital operator that provides converged connectivity and online services across seven countries. As part of its digital operator strategy, VEON is transforming people’s lives by creating opportunities for increased digital inclusion and driving economic growth across countries home to more than 8% of the world’s population.

Dedicated to promoting financial knowledge, the “Power to Youth” initiative empowered individuals to make informed financial decisions and foster economic growth. In its first session, held in Village Gorsiyan, UC Raman Tehsil Gujjar Khan, 40 low-income women received instruction on digital account opening, financial awareness and personalized loan schemes as part of skill enhancement training. The second session, in Dhoke Khaba, Tehsil Rawalpindi, equipped 25 young men and women with knowledge about financial products, borrowing practices and sustainable loan utilization. The final session, in Rehmatabad, Rawalpindi Cantt, offered 35 women entrepreneurs training in entrepreneurship strategies, enabling them to establish thriving businesses. These sessions embody the initiative’s mission to transform financial literacy into a tool for personal and societal advancement.

“The ‘Power to Youth’ initiative, carried out in partnership with VBF, exemplifies the Bank’s steadfast focus on driving genuine transformation through financial empowerment,” shared Ghazanfar Azzam, President and CEO Mobilink Bank. “We recognize that knowledge is the linchpin of progress and ‘Power to Youth’ embodies our resolute dedication to equipping low-income individuals and aspiring young women entrepreneurs with the skills and insights essential for success. Our partnership with VBF serves as a testament to our commitment to shaping a society where everyone has the means to thrive, thereby fostering a more equitable and prosperous future for all,” he added.

Mobilink Bank serves as a strategic catalyst for socio-economic development in Pakistan, firmly anchored in its mission to empower women and youth. By amplifying its skill development and capacity-building initiatives, the Bank is actively fostering financial inclusion and promoting financial literacy, thus enabling under-banked individuals to proactively shape their financial destinies. With each strategic partnership, the Bank reaffirms its promise to cultivate a more prosperous and equitable banking landscape for all.


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