Meezan Bank becomes Pakistan’s First PCI 3DS Standard Compliant Bank.

Risk Associates, Pakistan’s leading PCI Qualified Security Assessor (QSA), has recently announced Meezan Bank’s certification with the PCI 3DS (Payment Card Industry Three Domain Secure) standard. This milestone positions Meezan Bank, the country’s Premier Islamic bank, as the first in Pakistan to attain such an accreditation.

The certification ceremony was held at Meezan House, Karachi, where Mr. Aziz A. Rahim, Chief Operating Officer of Risk Associates, presented the PCI 3DS Certificate of Compliance to Mr. Faiz Ur Rehman, Group Head of Information Technology, Syed Fahd Azam, CISO & Head of Information Security, and Syed Iftikhar Ul Haq, Group Head of Consumer Finance, from Meezan Bank.

The certification highlights Meezan Bank’s focus on maintaining a secure banking infrastructure that protects data and provides secure transactions for its clientele. Aimed at mitigating online transaction fraud, this accreditation follows a thorough evaluation, ensuring compliance of the Bank’s systems with the PCI 3DS protocol mandated by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council. The 3DS protocol serves as an additional layer of security that authenticates consumers with their card issuer during online purchases.

Mr. Kashif Hassan, Managing Director of Risk Associates, commends Meezan Bank on its achievement, stating, “Meezan Bank’s achievement in becoming the first bank in Pakistan to achieve PCI 3DS certification is a testament to its commitment to implementing robust security measures.” This recognition further solidifies Meezan Bank’s reputation as a secure financial institution.

“We are pleased to certify Meezan Bank with the PCI 3DS standard,” said Aziz A. Rahim – Chief Operating Officer at Risk Associates. “This achievement highlights Meezan Bank’s dedication to ensuring the security and integrity of its digital transactions, setting a benchmark for other financial institutions in Pakistan.”

Risk Associates congratulates Meezan Bank on this milestone and remains committed to promoting a secure digital ecosystem in Pakistan through its certification and compliance services.

Speaking at the occasion, Mr Faiz Ur Rehman, Group Head of Information Technology at Meezan Bank, said, “This achievement reflects our ongoing commitment to safeguarding our customers’ financial well-being. As the first bank in the country to achieve PCI 3DS certification, Meezan Bank remains steadfast in providing our customers with the highest standards of security and reliable banking services.”



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