Mayor Karachi inaugurates PSO ECO STREET projects.

The Mayor Karachi, Barrister Murtaza Wahab and MD & CEO, PSO, Syed Muhammad Taha inaugurated the company’s latest initiative, PSO ECO STREET, surrounding PSO House (Clifton, Karachi). PSO ECO STREET, a sustainable plastic road, is part of PSO’s ongoing efforts to reduce plastic waste and promote eco-friendly infrastructure. This significant initiative has turned approximately 49,428 square feet of traditional road into a symbol of green living, utilizing 5,000 kg of recycled plastic waste, primarily from lubricant bottles and cans collected from PSO’s Lubricant Manufacturing Terminal (LMT) location in Karachi.

The project’s core objective is to significantly reduce the plastic footprint that burdens our planet and demonstrate the viability and benefits of sustainable infrastructure. By incorporating plastic waste into road construction, PSO ECO STREET is not only repurposing waste but also enhancing the durability of the road, setting a new standard for environmentally responsible construction.

On the occasion, Barrister Murtaza Wahab expressed his views and stated, “This project not only beautifies our city but also demonstrates environmental responsibility and community engagement. We applaud PSO’s commitment to sustainability, fostering a greener urban landscape, and inspiring other corporate entities to invest in our community’s development.

In parallel with the road construction, PSO ECO STREET has committed to comprehensively beautifying the surrounding area. The project included the reconstruction and renovation of road medians and walkways, transforming them into welcoming spaces for pedestrians. These areas now boast newly installed planters, graced with an array of indigenous trees and plants, further enriching the local biodiversity.

Syed Muhammad Taha, MD & CEO of PSO, embodies the ethos of giving back to society. He emphasized the importance of caring for our surroundings akin to responsible tenants, stating, “This initiative exemplifies PSO’s unwavering dedication to sustainability and environmental conservation. We are steadfast in our commitment to pioneering innovative solutions to tackle environmental challenges while simultaneously creating value for our communities.”

The project’s commitment to sustainability extends to its infrastructure enhancements, which include the installation of new electric poles outfitted with energy-efficient LED lights designed to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions. The area now features zebra crossings, lane markings, speed breakers, and signboards, providing clear and safe guidance for travellers.

The culmination of these efforts in a vibrant and green road transformation aligns seamlessly with PSO’s overarching green initiatives. This venture not only showcases innovative solutions that reduce plastic and carbon footprints but also fosters an eco-friendly and sustainable infrastructure that serves as a model for future developments.

The company extends its gratitude to all stakeholders, including local authorities, community members, and project partners, for their invaluable support and collaboration throughout the implementation of the PSO ECO STREET initiative.

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