LNG Virtual Pipeline MoU signing ceremony held in KPT

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Karachi Port Trust joins hands with Pakistan Railways and private entities M/s LNG Easy (Pvt) Limited and Metrogas (Pvt) Limited signs Memorandum of Understanding (agreement) for the development of Virtual Pipeline facility. M/s LNG Easy Singapore is already in this business and is successfully operating similar projects in China, Malaysia, Myanmar and Vietnam. The ceremony was well attended by Senior management officials of KPT, Pakistan Railways and LNG Easy.

Tripartite MoU was signed amongst KPT, LNG Easy (Pvt) Limited, and Pakistan Railways today 19th November, 2020. The signing of agreement has taken place between Chairman KPT Rear Admiral (R) Jamil Akhtar HI (M) T. Bt., Chairman Pakistan Railways Mr. Habib-ur-Rehman Gilani and CEO LNG Easy (Pvt) Limited Mr. Yasir Hamid and Mr. Owais Mir of Metrogas during the august ceremony.

KPT shall allocate suitable berths for this purpose and arrangements are underway for the transportation of ISO tanks to up country through Pakistan Railways which will further enhance the revenue stream for both KPT and Pakistan Railways. The process involves transfer of LNG from ships to ISO tanks through a Mobile Filling Platform (MFP) and thereafter to their respective destinations. LNG Easy and Metrogas will re-gasify the LNG at end user premises and will also provide gas storage units.

Aiming at meeting gas shortage in Pakistan through a rapid practical LNG Virtual Pipeline solution, it is expected to result in provision of much needed fuel for commercial, industrial and residential sectors of the country. This is also in line with the vision of the Prime Minister of Pakistan and present government and it will surely result in economic, social and industrial development much needed by the country. Minister for Maritime Affairs Mr. Ali Haider Zaidi and Minister for Railways Mr. Sheikh Rasheed had agreed in principle in 2019 to work together on this project during a meeting held at KPT. Chairman KPT spearheaded the project and facilitated the same through coordination with all the concerned stakeholders.

The LNG Virtual Pipeline can be the driving force to unlock the LNG market in Pakistan by providing accessible and affordable energy to SMEs and the common man.

KPT’s vision is to provide the impetus to private investors and consumers to establish strategic storages across the country ultimately leading to onshore LNG.

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