KPT revised the Tariff Rates viz SRO # 522(0) /2023

KPT Board of Trustees has taken a major step by rationalising revising the tariff schedule.

This measure was deemed essential in the wake of the incremental increase in fuel prices, consequently causing a corresponding increase in Labour and Port operations costs. It is estimated that the increase in tariff structure will help improve the financial position of Karachi port and it would find it comfortable to discharge the tasks assigned to it.

The revised rates will become effective 30 days after the publication of the relevant SRO i.e. 3″ May 2023, except for the port dues, which will become effective after 60 days. KPT Board has sanctioned rates under Section 43, read along with sub-sections 43-A and 43-B of the KPT Act 1886


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