KCA celebrates World Cotton Day

The Karachi Cotton Association celebrated WORLD COTTON DAY in the office of the Association on October 07, 2023, to highlight the global importance of cotton and the challenges faced by the world’s cotton economies especially Pakistan.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Muhammad Atif Dada, Chairman the Karachi Cotton Association, highlighted the importance of World Cotton Day and desired to make maximum efforts by all sections of the Cotton Trade for betterment of the Cotton Trade in Pakistan.

Prominent Speakers belonging to various sectors of the Cotton Trade namely (i) Mr. Rizwan Iqbal Umer, Vice-Chairman, the KCA, (ii) Mr. Waqas Anwar, Member Executive Committee, the KCA, (iii) Khawaja Muhammad Nauman, Chief Operating Officer of M/s. Control Union Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd., (iv) Mr. Rahat Aziz, Ex-Assistant Director / Admn In-Charge and Classer / Arbitrator, Pakistan Cotton Standard Institute, (v) Mr. Muhammad Naseem Usman and (vi) Mr. Chanderlal, Members of The KCA’s Brokers Advisory Committee also shared their views regarding the challenges being faced by the Cotton Trade in Pakistan and desired the Government to take all possible measures on urgent basis to increase cotton production and improve quality of cotton in the country.

A large number of the representatives of the Cotton Trade attended the occasion.

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