KATI urges relief package for gas supply

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President of Korangi Association of Trade & Industry (KATI) Saleem-uz-Zaman has said that the recent decision by SSGC for denying supply of gas to industries on weekends and increasing gas prices on additional use would directly affect the country’s exports.

He said that just like the industrial support package recently announced by Prime Minister Imran Khan on usage of additional electricity at reduced rates, it was greatly appreciated by industrialist. Similar relief package should be announced for gas.

He said that due to covid-19, industrial production has been badly. He said that industry in Karachi is already facing low gas pressure and interruptions in gas supply, and the decision to make it available only five days a week would further increase industry’s hardship.

He urged that to maintain the pace of production we need uninterrupted gas supply. Saleem-uz-Zaman said that PM Khan has acknowledged the fact that cost of production has devastating impact on our exports and competitiveness in the international market. He urged that for speedy recovery of economy, uninterrupted supply of gas and lower tariffs should be assured.

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