KATI extends a warm welcome to the Iranian President’s visit foresees enhanced bilateral trade

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President Johar Qandhari of the Korangi Association of Trade and Industry (KATI) warmly welcomed the Iranian President’s visit to Pakistan, emphasising the potential for strengthened bilateral ties. Qandhari expressed optimism that the visit would not only mend past tensions but also enhance trade and brotherly relations between the two nations.

Highlighting the untapped trade opportunities between Pakistan and Iran, Qandhari stressed the need for a concerted effort to bolster economic cooperation. He underscored Iran’s potential to support Pakistan in the energy sector, particularly in gas and petroleum products. In this regard, Qandhari called to resolve longstanding issues such as the Pak-Iran gas pipeline.

Moreover, Qandhari proposed that procuring gas from Iran at competitive prices could alleviate industrial challenges in Pakistan. He also suggested exploring local currency or barter trade avenues with Iran to relieve pressure on Pakistan’s export bill and foreign exchange reserves.

The visit promises to help both countries leverage mutual strengths and foster economic prosperity through strategic collaborations in energy, trade, and infrastructure development. Qandhari reiterated KATI’s commitment to facilitating productive engagements between Pakistani and Iranian businesses to capitalise on the shared opportunities for growth and prosperity.

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