KATI applauded the Unity message of APC by Political leadership

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Korangi Association of Trade & Industry (KATI) expressed solidarity and unconditional support to the armed forces and uploaded the unity showed in APC (All Parties Conference) by political leadership on national level. In the statement released by KATI the Petron in chief S M Muneer and President of the association Masood Naqi praised the role of political leadership for showing unity and support for the Forces and the COAS.

S M Muneer said that we express complete solidarity with the armed forces and intelligence agencies and we are highly grateful to them for their role in safeguarding the geographical and ideological boundaries of the country, an on the political front all the leadership has delivered the great message of solidarity in the response of India’s war fever. Muneer said that Pakistan tried the level best to normalize the relation with neighboring country but it never get any positive response from India, due to this hostile attitude SAARC countries conference for the promotion of trade and tourism has been canceled.” We ae a peace loving nation, but if someone presume this positive attitude as our weakness, it would be a flawed and foolish judgment on his own part” Muneer said.

President Masood Naqi said that business community fully acknowledges sacrifices of Army and our security forces.”Business community stands united and backs the armed forces at this critical juncture as the role and sacrifices of the armed forces in the war against terrorism cannot be denied” he said. Naqi also urged the leadership to unearth Indian atrocities by the useful means of diplomacy, and show the real face of so called largest democracy to the world.

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