Karachi port breaks all records of cargo/container handling

The cargo handling activities of the Karachi Port has gained a fast paced momentum which resulted in breaking all previously set records of cargo handling. The financial year 2014-15 has remained phenomenal for KPT as Karachi Port registered a record handling of 43.42 million tons cargo and 1.72 million Container TEUs (twenty equivalent units) during this financial year. Last financial year the handling of cargo remained at 41.35 million tons and that of containers remained at 1.59 million Container TEUs, hence shows a hefty gain of 8.4% over the year. The ship movement has also gained momentum as more ships have called at Karachi Port. During the ending financial year 2014-15, the ship movement and handling remained at 1,732 ships, whereas last year, it remained at 1,674 ships, hence an increase of 3.46% over last year.

The breakup shows that the port handled 29.67 million tons of total dry cargo imports and exports and 13.75 million tons of liquid bulk cargo imports and exports during the ending financial year 2014-15, whereas last year, these remained at 28.24 million tons and 13.11 million tons respectively. Similarly, the breakup of ship movement and handling shows that the port handled 790 container ships, 193 bulk cargo ships, 255 general cargo ships and 494 oil tankers this year. In year 2013-14, these remained at 817 container ships, 172 bulk cargo ships, 229 general cargo ships and 456 oil tankers respectively. As bigger sized container ships called at Karachi Port during the ending financial year 214-15, due to the dredging activities of the port which resulted in increasing the draft at the two private terminals KICT and PICT to 13 meters, hence the handling of more containers is promising as fewer and larger size ships have carried more containers.

The Karachi Port has always preferred to facilitate the port users and the trade community through best business policies/practices. The Chairman KPT Vice Admiral (R) Shafqat Jawed HI (M) has laid emphasis on facilitating the port users through adoption of friendly business policies in line with the policies/direction of present government. This has paved way for sea borne trade increase through Karachi Port. A new leaf has turned in the history of Karachi Port which has over the years remained in the maze of gross achievements. Stage is well set for the port cash on global throughput increase as the port is right on the verge of starting port operations from its new deep water container port by the year 2016. Cognizant of its importance the port is now more focussed in its approach and on right track under the vibrant leadership of Senator Kamran Michael, Minister for Ports and Shipping, as the port foresees a sparkling future ahead.

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