Karachi Police Chief assures maintenance of law and order in the SITE area.

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The Additional Inspector General of Police (AIGP) Karachi Range, Khadim Hussain Rind, has announced the deployment of an additional 20 police personnel to the SITE Crime Monitoring Cell (SCMC), located within the premises of the SITE Association of Industry (SAI), which the members highly appreciated. This initiative aims to curb the increasing incidence of street crimes and maintain law and order in the SITE area.

Khadim Hussain Rind made this announcement during his visit to the SAI, where he engaged with industrialists to discuss concerns regarding street crimes, snatching, and armed robbery. Industrialists welcomed the reinforcement of 20 police personnel to augment the existing workforce at the base.

SAI President Muhammad Kamran Arbi, Patron-in-Chief Zubair Motiwala, Former President Jawed Bilwani, Chairman of Law & order sub-committee Abdul Hadi, SVP Muhammad Hanif Tawakkal, VP Muhammad Farhan Ashrafi, members of the executive committee were also present in the meeting.

AIGP said that the issues faced by industry are the priority of the police. He directed the SSP Arif Aslam Rao to meet immediately with SAI Office Bearers on traffic issues and decide on a line of action to control traffic effectively in the SITE area during the holy month of Ramadan, particularly in the evening rush hours. He also assured full cooperation from the police to remove all sorts of encroachments from the SITE area.

The Additional IGP further mentioned ongoing anti-narcotics operations targeting suppliers of Gutka, Manipuri, and other illicit substances, resulting in the seizure of chewable items worth billions of rupees. He also highlighted a pending proposal to the Sindh government to purchase police vehicles, which is yet to be approved despite six months having passed.

Earlier, SAI President Muhammad Kamran Arbi welcomed the Additional IGP and briefly introduced the SITE area and its contribution to employment, exports and the national economy. Arbi commended the decision to bolster personnel and informed about the induction of 11 more bikes to enhance policing efficiency. Arbi also recognised the commendable efforts of the police team from SITE-A PS in apprehending the culprits involved in a Rs2.5 million dacoit in the SITE area. He announced appreciation certificates and cash rewards for the team members. The AIGP also announced one month’s salary for the police personnel involved in the successful recovery of Rs2.5 million in cash.

Patron-in-chief Zubair Motiwala raised industry-related concerns and highlighted the importance of proper training for police to prevent crimes proactively. He added that a system of carrot & stick should be introduced for the police department and advocated for an increase in the pay scale of police personnel to enable them to lead respectable and honest lives. Motiwala proposed a meeting between traffic police officials and the SAI to address and resolve traffic-related issues, which the Additional IGP agreed.

Former President Jawed Bilwani urged for necessary traffic management arrangements at the entry/exit points of the SITE area during the holy month of Ramadan. He also highlighted the issue of non-functional traffic signals, which AIGP Rind assured would be addressed promptly. He also stressed the need to post police officers for a minimum period of two years, per the honourable court’s verdict.

Chairman of the Law & order sub-committee Abdul Hadi appreciated the performance of SSP Arif Aslam Rao and gave the background on the setting of the SITE Self-Security System. He stressed the need to start a grand anti-encroachment drive in the SITE area and also complained about old employees of SITE PS-A & PS-B, which the Additional IGP assured to look into. He thanked the Additional IGP for providing additional ‘safari’. He requested that he not take them back or depute them at other locations as their services are required for patrolling as well as cash guard service of the Association.


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