K-Electric intends to commission both units of BQPS-III on HSD during FY24

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The management of K-Electric Limited held a corporate briefing session on 17th Nov’23 to discuss the financial result of FY23 and the future outlook.

Brief Takeaways

·     To recall, the company posted a loss after tax of PKR 30.9bn (LPS: PKR 1.12) in FY23 vis-à-vis a profit of PKR 8.5bn (EPS: PKR 0.31), mainly due to a 12% decline in contribution margins, 49% increase in exchange loss and 129% YoY increase in finance cost.

·     KE is the only vertically integrated power utility in Pakistan, with a customer base of more than 3.5mn customers, and a peak demand of over 3,650 MW.

·     KE has a total installed capacity of 2,817 MW, a transmission capacity of 6,965 MVAs, and a distribution capacity of 8,808 MVAs. 

·     Units sent-out during FY23 decreased by 7.3% to 18,356 GWh compared to 19,802 GWh during FY22. The decline in units sent out is witnessed due to inflation, policy rate hikes, and economic contraction.

·     The generation efficiency has increased to 42.2% during FY23 from 38.6% during FY22. The efficiency has increased due to the addition of 900 MW (BQPS-III) RLNG-based power plant.

·     The recovery ratio during FY23 decreased by ~4pts to 92.8% compared to 96.7% during FY22. The decline in recovery is witnessed due to 42% rise in consumer-end tariff, FCA, and the overall inflationary pressure.

·     During FY23, both Unit-I and Unit-II, (450 MW each) of KE’s 900 MW RLNG-based power plant (BQPS-Ill) were successfully commissioned, and commercial operations of the respective units were declared during 3QFY23  and 4QFY23, respectively. The company also intends to commission both units of BQPS-III on HSD during FY24 to mitigate any fuel supply issues.

·     During FY23, successfully achieved NEPRA’s T&D loss benchmark of 15.3%.

·     The contribution margin has declined by 12% YoY to PKR 86.6bn during FY23 vs. PKR 98.8bn during FY22 due to a 7.3% decrease in units sent-out.

·     The impairment loss increased by 25% YoY to PKR 31.1bn during FY23 due to high inflation, an increase in consumer-end tariff, and deteriorating economic conditions.

·     Exchange loss increased by 49% YoY to PKR 13.5bn during FY23 due to 28.4% PKR depreciation.

·     Finance costs also increased by 129% YoY to PKR 34.6bn primarily due to the rise in interest rates along with higher borrowing (+9.4%).

·     Tax reversal increased by 296% YoY to PKR 11.5bn. This increase was primarily due to the deferred tax income resulting from the revaluation of PPE along with prior tax income stemming from favorable financial outcomes.


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