Joy’s story of building stronger communities

Joy Christopher Dulay, the mastermind behind JCRD Builders, is revolutionizing skylines and empowering the younger generation in the largest archipelago in the world, the Philippines. On his journey to bring change to society, he met two noteworthy people, Edgardo Sazo Galvez and Christian D. Natividad. These meetings concluded in a tapestry of attainable partnerships and potential goals.

The press covered this meeting extensively, and a discussion between Joy and the former mayor of San Ildefonso Bulacan, Edgardo Sazo Galvez, made it to the front page of newspapers. Galvez, skilled in commanding a fleet of more than 100 trucks, is quite famous for his tracking hauling services in the logistics industry. The topic of discussion was how Joy’s design skills could be combined with Galvez’s logistical capabilities to produce sustainable and effective structures. A new phase of expansion and advancement is promised out of this alliance.

He met Atty, continuing Joy’s journey to bring change and empower youth. Christian D. Natividad, the current mayor of Malolos, Bulacan, has a noble cause at its heart. During a fraternity visit, their meeting was devoted to raising the quantity of community service initiatives. Joy and Natividad, leaders in their respective fields, discussed using their wealth and influence to advance and benefit society. They proved their dedication to social responsibility at the meeting.

Joy’s purposefulness and dedication are demonstrated in his business-oriented meeting with Galvez and community-focused one with Natividad. Joy not only excels in one particular field but what makes him a top-notch entrepreneur is his ability to handle discussions and projects belonging to distinct backgrounds. It is not wrong to say that he not only built impressive skylines but also uplifted the communities that surround them.


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