Jazz World App Revamped to ‘SIMOSA’ with new design and enhanced features

Jazz World, the country’s largest self-care and lifestyle app from Pakistan’s leading digital operator, Jazz, has undergone a significant transformation. It is now rebranded as a One-Stop App for multiple network SIMs—SIMOSA. The revamped version offers a fresh design and enhanced user experience, catering to evolving digital needs across various mobile networks while delivering enriched lifestyle and e-care features.

SIMOSA’s latest iteration offers recharge and subscription services for multiple network operators. It also offers improved account management and support features, providing users with convenient control and assistance. Furthermore, extended e-care capabilities are now available, with additional enhancements in the pipeline. The lifestyle features have also been upgraded, offering users additional tools and resources to manage various aspects of their daily lives more effectively.

Aamer Ejaz, Chief Digital Officer at Jazz, commented on the transformation, stating, “The evolution of the Jazz World app into SIMOSA embodies Jazz’s digital operator strategy, transitioning from telco to tech-co, aiming to enrich the digital experiences of various network users. By transcending telco boundaries and offering enhanced value for users of multiple networks, SIMOSA will continue cementing its position as the largest homegrown app in the country”.

Aiming to expand its services to encompass the entire broadband sector regardless of specific operators, SIMOSA reaffirms its commitment to inclusivity and its position as the premier e-care platform for digital users. With a staggering user base of 18 million monthly users and over 1 billion impressions, SIMOSA intends to solidify its status as a dominant force in Pakistan’s digital realm.

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