ITGA Tobacco Courier 86th Edition

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The 86th edition of Tobacco Courier reveals the findings of the latest ITGA research effort focused on farm productivity. We trace back changes in tobacco yields over the last decade and highlight the factors impacting small-scale and large-scale growers. These range from climatic abnormalities, that are intensifying in 2024, to infrastructural issues, all playing a vital role in yield variations.

Our contributors not only identify the regional and country-specific issues that affect yields but also suggest practical ways to address the ongoing challenges. As a result, our “Game Changers”, serve as a starting point for the important conversations we are bringing up in all ITGA Regional Meetings for further discussions and planning.

Within this Tobacco Courier issue, you will also see the latest tobacco statistics from over 10 of the leading tobacco-growing markets and get an in-depth analysis of market developments in Colombia and North Macedonia.

We also go beyond tobacco to compare yield developments in other crops and examine the importance of technology for the future of agriculture.

ITGA thanks Members and Contributors to this Tobacco Courier


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